Looking for Budget yet Comfortable Long-Distance Travel Options in Japan?

  • Japan is a long and narrow country which can make traveling domestically more time consuming. Though there’s an expansive network of bullet trains which can help people commute easily and efficiently from one destination to another, the existence of sleeper trains or overnight trains still remains. Others also to choose to travel by boat which can also provide a parallel experience.

    Whichever way you choose, you will need to consider some of following before choosing one of these overnight travel options in Japan.

    The Overnight Trains


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    Overnight trains peaked in the late ’70s as it gave people the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery through the windows and mix with fellow travelers. Nowadays, they come in many forms; some have seats while others offer the traditional way of sleeping – on the floor. The latter is more of a budget option which provides a sleeping space for passengers on the carpeted floor. It consists of a narrow walkway for passengers to leave their shoes before entering the sleeping space (which is a traditional Japanese custom). Some consider this option far more comfortable as you’re able to relax and stretch your body out throughout the entire journey.


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    However, if you want more privacy, you can always opt for single or shared cabins with bunk beds. There are also other more luxurious rooms on offer as well that provide plenty of facilities and amenities.

    For more information check out the following:

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    Overnight Boats

    For those that prefer boats over trains, there are also overnight boats that can take you to the southern part of Tokyo or to the island of Okinawa. There are actually several ferry boats in various routes offering similar accommodation to that of overnight trains. It also provides the hidden advantage of traveling to places that aren’t accessible by train.

    For more information on prices check out Japan Visitor.

    These options are great cost-effective and stress-free ways to travel throughout Japan. So, what do you think? Are you up to an epic overnight journey through Japan?

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