Sukiya! Five Reasons To Love the Diner

  • Are you looking for a place to eat gyudon? Sukiya might just be the place for you. Here are the reasons for you to love this fast food restaurant.

    1. Cozy and Warm Ambiance.

    Despite the prices being cheap compared to other restaurant, Sukiya is a welcoming place. It has a homey interior with bricks and wood. It does not look like a cheap place at all. My husband who has stayed in Japan than I has introduced me to Sukiya. At first, I thought he was bringing me to another a-little-expensive Japanese restaurant that I cringe in over the anticipation of a high price. To my surprise, the menu is cheaper than most menus I have encountered so far.

    2. Affordable.

    The first thing I noticed about eating in this Japanese restaurant is the cost. That is one of the reasons I am drawn to Sukiya. It is an affordable place to have a heavy lunch or dinner during your travel. You can have a gyudon for as low as around 400 yen and a set meal of salad, soup and gyudon for just around 600 yen. Compared to other restaurants which serve 1200 yen for set meals, you will love Sukiya’s affordable prices.

    3. Great Cheese Gyudon!

    You would love Cheese Gyudon! It is a beef bowl with melted and shredded cheese on top. I always order mine with hot sauce. Though it is served with Tabasco sauce, I prefer the original Sukiya hot sauce recipe which they add to their gyudon per request. I usually have ‘ni-karai’ which means to add twice hot sauce on top. You can actually request up to thrice as much. Oooohh!! The thought itself is making me drool.

    4. Easy Menu

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    Though the menu is in Japanese, the pictures are detailed so you can just point whatever you want. The size of the bowl, the side dishes, desserts and drinks are all on the menu and are easy to understand. You would not have to worry about sweating during your Japanese conversation with the servers, all you have to do is to point at whatever you want to order.

    5. Fast

    Though you might think of it as McDonald’s since it is considered a fast food in Japan, you will still have to wait 5 minutes of serving time, sometimes less depending on the crowd. But that is faster than most restaurants that serve rice and heavy meals. You would not even notice the few minutes of waiting because they will immediately serve you complimentary iced tea to refresh you.

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