Don’t Miss the Scrumptious Melon Pan Craze at its Very Own Festival in May!

  • If you’ve ever been to Japan and visited a pastry shop or bakery, one item that you surely must have noticed is the melon pan. Or if you haven’t been to Japan, you might have at least seen melon pan through Japanese dramas or anime.


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    Melon pan is one of the most loved bread across Japan and even though it’s called melon pan, there’s no actual trace of melon in it. There are also a variety of melon pans so if you’re looking for a place to enjoy this Japanese favorite, you might want to visit the Melon Pan Festival!

    Melon Pan

    Melon Pan or Melon Bread in English is a sweet type of bread. Melon pan is originally a sweet plain bread but in recent years, the melon pan has taken on a number of variations of flavors and fillings like chocolate chips, whipped cream, and custard and with all having both soft and crisp cookie dough.

    Melon Pan Festival

    This year’s Melon Pan Festival is the 3rd to be held for the fans of the popular snack-bread. The festival started out in 2014 by a university student to help raise funds for a charity in the Democratic Republic of Congo from Africa with the event’s goal of supporting and spreading the joy of eating delicious melon pan to the participants through the event.


    Around 40 different kinds of melon pan made from every region in Japan will gather at the event taking place in Arts Chiyoda 3331. On the day of the event, popular bakeries like Bonjour Bon and salut! will also be selling limited original melon pans as part of their collaboration with the Melon Pan Festival. Aside from that, there will also be a problem consultation area, a talk show, and goods up for grab at the event.

    Entrance is free but there are 2 kinds of tickets for those who’d like to purchase the melon pans. The regional melon pan 3 set ticket, and the regional or Tokyo 3 set ticket. Both include a drink and is priced at 1,000 yen for advance purchase and 1,300 yen on the day of the event.

    The Melon Pan Festival will not only be a place where you can enjoy melon pan, but you can also try out a variety from different regions of Japan. The event will be on May 5th so be sure to check it out!

    Melon Pan Festival Website

    When: 5th May 2016
    Hours: 12 pm – 5 pm
    Where: Arts Chiyoda


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