Introducing the Green Tea Alcohol Range- Too Far or Bring it On?

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  • Most of us have already seen and tasted various forms of offerings which are based on green tea, such as chocolates, lattes, cakes, and ice cream. What else is there to try? If you love all things green tea, then you may just want to get your hands on the green tea wine and liqueur variations next!

    Itohkyuemon Store

    Itohkyuemon is a tea store that is well-known for producing high quality Japanese green tea and other green tea products. The shop is located in Uji, Kyoto and it has been in operation since 1832. The shop also sells tea to World Heritage temples and shrines. It is said that matcha as first grown in Uji over 500 years ago. The cultivation of green tea in Uji was promoted by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Since then, Uji has become a prominent and important region for producing high-quality green tea!

    Green tea wine

    Itohkyuemon has recently introduced “vin au thé vert” (green tea wine) for their range of alcoholic beverages known as “Yokan no Midori”. The wine was a result of the collaboration with Kyoto’s Tamba Wine company. The base used for this new beverage is white wine, and with powdered green tea from Uji added to the wine, the resulting color is a pretty green which looks quite similar to a wheatgrass drink or chlorophyll drink.

    The wine is available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles with an alcohol percentage of 12% and priced at 1296 yen and 1944 yen respectively. You can enjoy the wine chilled or at room temperature, or even with soda. White wine is known to be great when paired with vegetables, cheese, and seafood.

    Chocolate green tea liqueur

    If you prefer the addition of chocolate to your matcha wine, there is chocolate green tea liqueur sold by Itohkyuemon that will be on sale until the 24th of May 2016.

    You can enjoy the liqueur straight, hot, with milk, with brandy, and any other ways you can think of. The wine is very versatile and comes in a 500 ml bottle which is priced at 3175 yen and has an alcohol percentage of 6%.

    So, there you go! If you enjoy a lovely glass of wine or a mild liqueur and are traveling through Kyoto in May, keep your eye out for these delicious matcha and chocolate green tea variations! However, you can also buy them on Rakuten here. There are also other green tea-based products which you can check out on the website too!

    Itohkyuemon Website


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