Calling All Meat Lovers: Get Ready for a Succulent Meat Fest at Niku Fes 2016!

  • All around the world, many people appreciate a well-balanced meal because it contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. However, there are times when a particular dish is so delicious that there is a tendency to go overboard and overeat. This may not be an excuse use by everyone, but a lot of the time dishes containing succulent meat can contribute to that tendency.

    In Japan, you may have noticed that fish is the hero in most meals but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our meat too. In fact, there’s an event where you can enjoy a variety of meat dishes to your heart’s content. That’s right, check out the meat (niku) fest at Niku Fes 2016!

    When did the Meatiest of Festivals begin?

    The Niku Fes event started in 2014 when it was organized by Food Nations, a group dedicated to introducing Japan’s pride in their food to the world through their events. From the first Niku Fes to the most recent, the number of visitors continue to grow and was recently dubbed as the largest national food event.

    Bring on Niku Fes 2016

    Aside from the concept of gathering popular shops, the event also coordinates with different nations’ embassies to bring in a variety of meat dishes to try out. And to match the dishes, beers from all around Japan will also be available and you can also enjoy various stage performances and entertainment.

    This year’s Niku Fes will take place in Tokyo at the Symbol Promenade Park in Odaiba, as well as in Shizuoka and Fukuoka all at the same time from April 29th to May 8th. Some names like Kakunoshin, Shoutaian, Seizaemon, Horuichi, and much more are expected to bring their best along with a new menu.

    Entrance to the event is free while the meal tickets are 700 yen each. The Niku Fes 2016 will be taking over Japan’s popular holiday period, Golden Week, so if you don’t have any plans yet you may want to check out this meat packed event!

    Official Niku Fes Website*Japanese Only


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