Check out these Super Cute Pet Kimonos- Would your Fur Baby want one?

  • Pets, particularly cats and dogs, are well-loved in Japan and there are several factors which attribute to this fact. Some say it is because there is a decline in human babies which is why people turn to animals for comfort. Others say that it is simply because cats and dogs are such lovable creatures. Regardless of the reason, it is true that in Japan these furry friends are extremely spoiled with pampering.

    Pet Kimono

    In fact, most of them are treated like human babies where people even use strollers for their dogs or cats. Also, because they are treated like humans, it makes sense to go to the extreme of dressing them like humans too. Over the years, several pet costumes have been made to satisfy pet parents but perhaps one of the most elaborate ones are the cat and dog sized kimonos.


    There are several designs and colors available for these pet kimonos and in fact, some stores even have kimonos depending on the season. There are light and airy ones for summer and thick and more elaborate ones for autumn and winter. They even have kimonos that are in samurai style.

    Unsurprisingly, the kimonos have been a hit for pet parents not only in Japan but all around the world. It appears most are satisfied with many of the pets not seeming to mind their the kimono, which is great as some costumes are notorious for being uncomfortable for our furry friends.

    If you are interested in buying one of these for your pet, you can check out the wide selection on Rakuten Global Market or on Amazon. Although, one piece of advice for ordering online is to make sure you check the sizes carefully, as most pet kimonos are not very stretchy which means that it can be hit or miss with sizing. I mean, who wants to wear ill-fitting kimono? Definitely not this elegant kitty!

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