Cool Down this Summer at this Dazzling Hideaway in Okinawa!

  • If you want total serenity from the city, the best getaway is to stay in a secluded place hidden from the mainland and only familiar to a few tourists. The luxurious inns in Chillma will provide you with the “chill out” of a lifetime. This villa is located in the northern part of Okinawa tucked away into the open sea and wrapped in the dazzling summer sky and lush green forests.

    Why Choose Chillma?

    Okinawa is, no doubt, a popular tourist destination for many visitors from around the world. It has even been dubbed as the “Hawaii of Japan”. There are so many beautiful resorts and hotels that are perfect for a relaxing getaway. However, one of the best places to provide the ultimate enlightenment is Chillma. It has villa-style inns that have been gorgeously decorated and adapted to its natural environment.

    Accommodation, Facilities, and Amenities

    The concept of the design of the rooms focuses on living a leisurely, carefree life. There is so much to do here, like swimming in an infinity pool located at the top of a cliff or walking along a private white sandy beach where you will be greeted with beautiful colorful fish in the water.

    There are only three rooms overlooking the beautiful see in this villa. Two of these have king size beds and only one room has a twin size bed. Each room has its own kitchen, air-conditioner, shower, toilet, dining counter, coffee machine, hair dryer, towels, washing machine, TV, wireless internet access, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and mist sauna. However, you have to bring your own toothpaste, cotton swabs, and nightwear as these are not available.

    The capacity of each room is only up to 2 adults and 1 child with no extra bedding. It is also non-smoking, but somking is allowed on the terrace. As Chillma is located on the cliff site, please be careful in the more dangerous areas to prevent slipping. Also, the swimming area is not monitored so please make sure you keep an eye on small children.

    So, what do you think? Are you keen to chill out at beautiful Chillma this summer in Japan?

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!


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