Creator of Steins;Gate Is Releasing a New Anime Series in 2016 – Check it Out!

  • If you are a fan of the Steins;Gate anime, you will be thrilled to know that another work of the creator of Steins;Gate will get an anime adaptation in 2016! The new anime series is called Occultic;Nine, and it is based on the light novel series of the same title written by Chiyomaru Shikura. A manga series had already been serialized in October 2015, and it was illustrated by Ganjii.


    The story of Steins;Gate deals with time travelling. Rintarou Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who spends a lot of his time inventing what he calls future gadgets in a rented room in Akihabara, but most of the gadgets are somewhat not worth mentioning. He spends his time in the lab with his fellow lab members Mayuri Shiina who is his childhood friend, and Hashida Itaru who is an experienced hacker.

    Later, he encounters a genius girl named Makise Kurisu who becomes a new lab member. He and his lab members spend time messing around with the creation known as the Phone Microwave which turns a banana into a green gel. A series of actions made Okabe realized that the Phone Microwave is capable of sending emails to the past, thus allowing him to alter history.


    As for Occultic;Nine, it is not a series based on time travelling. Instead, it is a story based on paranormal science. In the story line, nine unique individuals are linked by a mystifying occult summary blog “Chōjō Kagaku Kirikiri Basara” and is run by Yūta Gamon, a 17-year-old high school student.

    Eventually, the little paranormal incidences that occur around these nine individuals lead to a larger phenomenon which becomes world-altering. You can check out this teaser trailer which features attractive illustrations of the characters here.

    Steins;Gate anime has been loved and praised for its intriguing and well thought out storyline in its second-half of the series. Thus, one can only expect Occultic;Nine not to disappoint either! So, are you excited for the upcoming Occultic;Nine anime series?

    Occultic;Nine Website*Japanese Only

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