Ever Wanted to Party on the Japanese Railway? Let Your Hair Down on a Seibu Line Train!

  • Just like any other nationality, Japanese people do love a good party. There are some special occasions they put particular emphasis on, such as ‘dosokai’ or alumni parties. However, due to the limited space in most Japanese residences, many parties are held in venues outside of the house. To make your event even more fun, Seibu Railway introduced a new and exciting option: it is now offering a party venue in its train cars for events!

    About Seibu Railway Line

    Seibu Railway Line is operated mainly in northwest Tokyo and Saitama. Its name has been derived from a tram service which has closed back in 1962. It has kept its name, though, even after merging with another company. It is particularly known for its bright-colored yellow trains, and some of the modern trains have blue-colored lines on unpainted aluminum bodies. The railway has quite a history when it comes to expanding its operations. Its routes fall into two separate groups: Ikebukuro Line Group and Shinjuku Line Group. These groups include their own lines and branches.

    The Train as a Party Venue

    Not only alumni parties are popular in Japan, but also reunions and year-end parties. These events have kept Japanese people united for many decades. To keep this party burning, for a limited time only Seibu Line has interestingly offered some of its train cars for rent. The company believes that the key to a good party is the venue. Riding a train while enjoying an event is a quite unique and unforgettable experience. Besides celebrating a special event you can also enjoy just a drinking get-together with your pals if you like.

    The main targets of this campaign are customers who attend(ed) schools along the following lines: Seibu Shinjuku Line, the Seibu Ikebukuro Line, the Seibu Kokubunji Line, and the Seibu Haijima Line. Each party course includes beers and snacks at a cost of 9,000 yen per person. Parties can only be held between September to December of 2016. In order to make a reservation, you can click here (in Japanese only).

    You had better hurry and book your party on one of these yellow train cars to have this special experience before all slots are fully booked! Reservations can only be made until the end of May 2016.

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