Can’t Get Enough of Sakura Flavored Goodness? Try Sakura Red Bull!

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  • Japanese spring is synonymous with beauty and flowers, especially during the hanami (sakura viewing) season. I love it best when the two come together to form some amazing and sometimes strange flavor combinations. Sadly, cherry blossom season has already come to a close. But do not despair! A pick me up has already been in the works: behold the Sakura Red Bull!

    Sakura Flavored Everything

    Now if you have been an avid reader of Japan Info articles, you will undoubtedly know that sakura is quite a popular topic. Just look at all the recent innovations involving sakura flavors – from Pepsi, Starbucks to even Krispy Kreme, there has been something tasty for everyone. However, I think the ultimate mash-up comes in the form of Sakura Red Bull.

    For those uninitiated, Red Bull is a must for those in need of a quick burst of energy, a perfect pick-me-up for the poor overworked local salary man. The combination of this drink and sakura is a natural one, and honestly, it’s been a long time coming.

    Sakura Red Bull

    This newly released flavor is showcased in an attractive can complete with a pink and silver design that evokes memories of the sakura season. I am sure many a hanami picknick has been graced by this drink this year. Because of its colorful design, it is sure to be not only a hit but also a collectors item for those die hard fans. As they have entitled this drink ‘the spring edition’ make sure to get yours soon, as it may be out of the stores at any time now.

    The drink costs approximately 190 yen ($1.75 USD) and it is timed in conjunction with the sakura season. For those sakura averse people (gasp is there really such a person?), fear not, they have also released the appropriately titled ‘blue edition’, Red Bull which is grape flavored. It also has its own commemorative can design of blue and silver.

    So hurry to your local convenience store before they run out of this sakura deliciousness bestsellers. Drink up!

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