Celebrating Mother’s Day in Tokyo? Check Out These 3 Cream of the Crop Confectionery Shops!

  • A large number of establishments in Japan now are preparing for this upcoming Mother’s Day, celebrated in Japan on the 8th of May. Now it’s a special day to return the favor to our loving moms, so many of us are surely preparing a special day for her!

    Unless our mothers have a certain place in mind or a favorite place, it could be a bit hard to choose where to go with so many good shops all over Tokyo. But don’t worry: if you’re looking to treat your mom to something sweet, here are 3 places to bring her for the occasion that will surely make her happy!


    DEL’IMMO is a classy cafe located in Akasaka and is popular for its parfait and pancakes. DEL’IMMO runs both an online store and a cafe. The especially recommended item on their menu is called Black Dandy. There is a variety of sweets and pastries being sold like their choux a la creme, macarons, and Petit Gateaux line up.

    Click here for their homepage (mainly in Japanese), and here for directions.

    Cafe Nakanoya

    Cafe Nakanoya is popular for its parfait offerings. The shop serves their parfait with seasonal ingredients, and it is a definitely a great place to try, whether you live here, or are visiting Japan (with your mom). The way the products are displayed is also something to look forward to, as it brings out the food’s good radiance. It may seem like an odd match, but this cafe also serves udon noodles!

    Click here for more information, and here for directions.

    Pierre Herme Paris

    The Pierre Herme Paris brand is a popular name in the world of sweets in Tokyo for especially for its macaron variety. The Aoyama branch is a 2-story establishment with a cafe and pastry shop, and you’ll have a wide selection of sweets at Bar Chocolat, where you can spend quality time with your mom on her special day!

    You can click here for more information, and here for directions.

    Now here are 3 places you shouldn’t miss for this year’s Mother’s Day if you are in Tokyo on May 8th. You’ll surely bring a smile to her face, and not to mention, a great time with her son or daughter while enjoying some of Tokyo’s best confectioneries. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

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