Heard of Famous Japanese Artist Jakuchu? Let his Exquisite Masterpieces Blow your Mind!

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  • What do you imagine when you think of Japanese art? Perhaps the typical image of ukiyo-e paintings or ink drawings? There is actually quite an array of historical Japanese art. A great, celebrated Japanese artist named Jakuchu painted extremely vibrant and beautiful paintings throughout his career in the Edo era. In this article, you can read all about the numerous works by Jakuchu and about the artist himself. More details can be found on the exhibit’s special website.

    The Exquisite Artwork

    Ito Jakuchu’s remarkable work is known for the beautiful images of animals and plants which are colorful, intricate and full of expression. While most of Jakuchu’s art depicts animals and plants found in Japan that he must have observed himself, he also painted plenty of wild animals or legendary creatures in this same vibrant style.

    Many of the subjects of his paintings were birds. The type of bird varied from chickens to cranes and pheasants.


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    Jakuchu’s art reflects the Buddhist culture which influenced his many works. The gorgeous scroll paintings which make up the Sakyamuni Triad were donated to the famous Shokoku-ji Temple in Kyoto. The colors of the three scrolls shine as beautifully as a newly painted picture even to this day!


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    One of Jakuchu’s most famous pieces is Tiger which he painted when he was young. The painting, which belongs to the Price collection, depicts a vivid image of the animal in contrast to the plain background. This painting was actually a remaking of Tiger in Shouten-ji Temple in Kyoto, but many people feel that Jakuchu’s version is worth more than the original. How does Jakuchu’s Tiger look to you?


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    The Miraculous Exhibition

    The chance to see 89 of Jakuchu’s legendary works in Tokyo is quite a rare one because the 30 scrolls of the Pictures of the Colorful Realm of Living Beings (which belong to The Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan, Imperial Household Agency) are an especially precious cultural property. As the exhibition itself is rarely open to the public, it is thought that exhibiting the 30 scrolls along with the 3 paintings of the Sakyamuni Triad in the same place will not happen again.


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    In order to celebrate Jakuchu’s 300th birthday, his traditional artwork will be displayed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the 3 scrolls of the vividly colorful Sakyamuni Triad as well as the 30 scroll paintings which comprise Pictures of the Colorful Realm of Living Beings which depict several animals native to Japan. More of the scrolls can be seen here on the exhibit’s special website.

    Visitors who come to this amazing exhibit can expect to see these vibrant works of art on display. The pieces shown by the museum span Jakuchu’s early to late career, allowing art and history buffs as well as the average museum goer to enjoy a journey through Jakuchu’s life and the period in which he painted. Ito Jakuchu is said to have a style of painting that could be considered more modern than his fellow Edo period artists, thus making this exhibit perfect for every type of visitor. Even if you are not familiar with Japanese history or have had much interest in Japanese art before, Jakuchu’s work will certainly amaze anyone who sees it.

    Observing the Art and Era

    If you would like to catch a glimpse of this unique artwork and learn about the career of Ito Jakuchu, make your way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park between April 22nd and May 24th (last entry is 30 minutes before closing time.) On this website, you can see more of the work that will be displayed, but first, wouldn’t you like to see this beautiful artwork in person? Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see this miraculous collection of art in Tokyo!

    Exhibition Information

    Title: The 300th Anniversary of his Birth: Jakuchu
    Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Ueno-park)
    Exhibition Period: April 22nd (Fri) to May 24th (Sun) 2016. The exhibition will not be open on April 25th or May 9th. After May 10th, some changes will be made to the exhibit.
    Opening Hours: 9:30 am-5:30 pm. On Fridays, the exhibit is open until 8:00pm. Last entry is 30 minutes before closing time.

    General: 1,600 yen (1,300 yen)
    College Students: 1,300 yen (1,100 yen)
    High School Students: 800 yen (600 yen)
    Seniors (65 and older): 1,000 yen (800 yen)

    * ( ):Discount for group ticket over 20 people

    *Admission free for visitors junior high school age or younger

    Official Homepage
    Inquiries: 03-5405-8686 (9:00 ~ 18:00) (Hello Dial)

    Featured image: www.photo-ac.com

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