3 Great Souvenirs to take a Piece of Japan’s Iconic Mt Fuji Home with You!

  • For some tourists, Japan is synonymous with Mt. Fuji which is not only the highest mountain in the country but is also considered a cultural and spiritual symbol. Therefore, it is often depicted in many souvenirs throughout the country, as you would expect, and has become a favorite purchase for many people fascinated by its beauty. Here are three souvenirs that I consider very interesting and am sure your friends and family members would love so please check it out.

    1. Tenugui with Mt. Fuji Motif

    Tenugui is a hand towel that is considered very traditional in nature. They have a very smooth texture with endless varieties of prints and patterns, with one of the most popular designs being the Mt Fuji prints. They are very useful for wrapping wine bottles and bento boxes and can also be used as a place mat to enjoy a meal on top of Mt Fuji every day. If you’re interested in purchasing one, keep an eye out for souvenir shops and galleries across the country, as they are bound to have a variety of Mt Fuji tenugui prints for you to choose from.

    2. Fujiyama Beer Glass


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    Inspired by the tallest mountain in the country, the Fujiyama Beer Glass takes the conical shape of Mt. Fuji and will surely help you enjoy that favorite beer. It has been designed by Keita Suzuki, a product designer who has always been very conscious about designing products that do no put nature at risk. Also, the exquisite glass is packaged in a wooden box just like traditional Japanese tea cups.

    3. Kendama Fujiyama Style

    Kendama is a traditional Japanese wooden toy which has been enjoyed by children for many years. However, it is not only limited to children – anyone can play. Kendama has been made in many different colors and themes throughout the country. However, the Fujiyama Style design appears to be unique as it doesn’t have a middle dish on either side like the standard kendama toys. Also, the color of the ball is red to resemble the sun rising over Mt. Fuji and the goal of the game is to get the ball to settle onto the spike.

    These are only three of the country’s souvenirs that depict Mt. Fuji in a unique way. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for these when you are souvenir shopping throughout the beautiful country of Japan.

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