Going to Shinjuku Station? Don’t Forget to Stop By Brand New Commercial Area NEWoMan!

  • No, NEWoMan is not the name of a new women’s empowerment movement, but the long-awaited commercial facility in Shinjuku’s JR station that just had its grand opening.

    For those who have suffered through endless construction around the area, one can finally see and make use of the results of all that hard work. The site itself had its grand opening on March 25, 2016, but due to construction delays, some of the stores were not able to open until April 15th, 2016. This long awaited opening was met with huge crowds and in line with Tokyo tradition, long lines.

    What’s In It for Me?

    But the wait was well worth it. Located at the JR Shinjuku New South Exit, the new site blends seamlessly around the train station itself. Over 100+ retailers offer everything from the latest in fashion, Japanese handicrafts, and local artisanal products, and of course, there are multiple restaurants and cafes, notably some imported from overseas. From French Patisseries to an American pizzeria and drip coffee experts, there is something for everyone. Even the inside of the JR station itself contains some high-end cafes vying for the average local commuter’s attention.

    One of the largest pièce de résistance is the Food Hall, also called the Ekinaka Zone, which is open overnight (some from 7 am to 4 am). Here the weary salaryman can rest his head, enjoy a good brew, and even enjoy delicious oysters at an oyster bar in the Food Hall.

    Something for Everyone

    Do note that the area is not only for food, fashion, and goods. The architects of the area have also included a rooftop garden, a clinic, a kindergarten, and yes, even a full-scale concert and event hall. All of this is integrated seamlessly with not only the JR station but also with the well loved Lumine stores that were already there. There is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the encompassing views and to enjoy your food in.

    All this is just a short metro ride away via various metro and JR lines. Make sure to check out this new addition in the lively Shinjuku Station area that is enjoyable for all ages and both genders!

    You can click here for NEWoMan’s homepage.

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