Splash out on Exquisitely Delicious Seafood with a View at Fish Bank Tokyo!

  • If you love all things seafood and would like plenty of quality dishes to choose from, then be sure to check out Fish Bank Tokyo in Shiodome City Center. This restaurant serves carefully selected fresh seafood from all over the world. The dishes on the menu have also been prepared in a using a modern concept from France.

    Lunch courses

    The menu has been designed to suit the modern taste and their lunch and dinner menus are highly recommended. Lunch is served in a room overlooking Tokyo’s beautiful sky and the courses are divided into three categories: Fishbank Lunch, Tasting Lunch, and Special Lunch.

    Fishbank Lunch serves the popular dishes of the season with each meal priced around 3,000 yen or more. If you like “Rossino” (French Steak) then you will love the Tasting Lunch which serves Wagyu Beef in this style. Each meal is priced at around 6,000 yen per person. The Special Lunch offers 5 courses (Amuse, Appetizer, Fish, Main Dish and Dessert which are very enjoyable for a price of 2,800 yen per person.

    Dinner courses

    If you love the sound of the lunch courses, wait until you get a taste of what’s available on the dinner menu. These are also divided into three categories: Fishbank Course, Seafood Market Course, and Chef’s Tasting Course.

    The Fishbank Course is ideal for special occasions where a variety of foods are served together with wine. It comes at a hefty price of 10,800 yen per person. The Seafood Market course is the best way to enjoy a raw seafood platter from fresh oyster to the marinated type and is priced at 8,640 yen per person. The Chef’s Tasting Course is the most expensive of all; at 14,000 yen per head, you will be served three kinds of Amuse, an Appetizer, Foiegrass, Red Snow Crab, Tile Fish, Beef, Pork, and Dessert. It is great for people with a huge appetite!

    So, splash out and let your taste buds explore Fish Bank Tokyo’s modern style seafood menu in a warm, inviting atmosphere with a view!

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