Experience the Passion and Excitement of Spain right here in Japan!

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  • Shima Spain Village (also known as Parque Espana) is located in Shima of Mie Prefecture. There is so much to do there with plenty of tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and even fiestas (shows) available. It’s a lovely family-friendly place and is perfect for those with young children. So, let’s take a closer look at Parque Espana so that you can see what the excitement is all about!

    Ticket info and Getting there


    We purchased a special 4-day ticket to Mie that included a two-way trip on the Kintetsu express train; free access to Parque Espana, Toba Aquarium, and many other attractions; free rides on public bus and trains; and discounts at various restaurants and public services. The ticket was priced at only 9800 yen! I highly recommend keeping an eye out for these discounted tickets on your travels.

    It took us roughly 3 hours to reach the very last station, Kashikojima Station. From this station, there is a shuttle bus (380 yen one-way) that travels directly to Parque Espana. The entrance fee to the theme park was included in our tickets so we didn’t have to pay anything extra besides the bus fees.

    What to expect at Shima Spain Village (Parque Espana)


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    Upon entering, you may feel like you are no longer in Japan, but in Spain. From the pavements to the buildings, everything was constructed with a Spanish feel to it. There are also many restaurants throughout the park (both Japanese and Spanish cuisines). We chose the Spanish cuisine for lunch and it was absolutely delicious. The lunch set included an appetizer and main course.


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    One interesting aspect about Parque Espana is that it is divided into two areas, the Spain Village, and the theme park. As you would expect, there are roller coasters in the theme park area while the shops are in the Spain Village area.

    Castle of Xavier


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    Our first destination was the Castle of Xavier. The castle is somewhat like a history museum of Spain. You will be able to see how Spain was united, traditional tools, and so on. Also from the castle, you can see a spectacular view of the ocean.

    As I mentioned, all the rides located within Parque Espana are family-friendly and there are several cute roller-coaster rides too. Please be sure to try them all if you have time!

    Parque Espana Website


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