Game Bar Gluck: A New Place In Tokyo to Relax and Play Board Games After Work!

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  • Looking for a place to spend a little time after work with friends to loosen up and de-stress? Sometimes, the usual izakaya is not what people want to look for. For some, there are different ways to have fun and to spend time instead. And recently, this place has been getting jam-packed with visitors.

    Curious about what this place is? Well, it’s a game bar where you can have fun with family or friends over board games or card games, a little food and drink, and some quality time. Check out Game Bar Glück!

    Game Bar Glück

    Pre-opened on January 27th, 2016 in Iidabashi, the Game Bar Glück with a German core has put together board and card games from all around the globe for customers to enjoy. The bar also offers alcohol and as well as their fun themed nonalcohol cocktails.

    In House Games

    The Game Bar Glück being a German-centered establishment offers a variety of European games and depending on the number of players and game experience, the staff can choose or recommend titles for you as well. Customers are also welcome to bring their own games if they want to, and if you happen to have a game you fancy from the game bar, you can also purchase it there.

    Food and Drink Menu

    Also serving a variety of food and drinks, the bar even made a beer from the game world as its motif and the ‘otona no cream soda’ is a hit with women. Popular on the food menu is their curry, ‘bacon grill’ and thick cut ham sandwich, and their ‘cream cheese no misotzuke’ is also a hot item as it runs out of stock quite often.

    Interior and Fees

    The game bar’s interior has a medieval ambiance with its European feel. There are also different seat types like 4-seater sofas, 2-seaters and counter seats all ready to set your board games. As for the fees, customers will first have to purchase the bar’s coins which can be used to purchase food and drinks as well as table charges. The minimum amount is ¥300 for 1 coin with increasing amounts for more coins. Since this March, credit cards are also accepted for coin purchases.

    Game Bar Glück has been getting full houses recently but you can check out their twitter account for real time updates regarding open seats if you’re near the area. They’re now preparing for their official opening so you better check them out if you’re interested in finding a new after-work hangout!

    Game Bar Glück (Japanese only)

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