Feast Your Eyes on Morioka History and Culture Museum’s Exciting Exhibits!

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  • The Morioka History and Culture Museum preserves items related to the history of its city and its rich artifacts. Are you aching to find out more about Morioka? Do you wish you had all the knowledge imaginable regarding this city? Even if you don’t live in Morioka, the stories you may hear are fascinating. I invite all curious minds to embark on a historical journey.

    The Concept

    This museum is based on the concept of Morioka Castle and the castle town field museum. You will find information regarding how the city of Morioka began. Inspect maps and images of what the buildings used to look like. There are even maps to help you get a full understanding of the city landscape. Admire the treasures of the Nanbu clan, feudal lords of the Morioka domain. Obtain knowledge on the chronological history of the castle city in Morioka. Learn everything there is to know about the castle and the story of the Nanbu clan. The museum is situated within Morioka Castle Park. For up to 300 yen (which is the admission for adults), you can enter this building located near the Morioka Castle Ruins. It’s easily accessible when travelling there on a bus and even walking.

    The Exhibits

    A big part of the exhibits involve artifacts from the Nanbu clan. Art, wall scrolls, paintings, literature, clothes, armour, furniture, and so much more is displayed in this expertly constructed museum. You can envelop yourself in Morioka’s exciting culture and history. You may even feel like you’re a part of the past.

    Horses which have played a vital role in commerce in Morioka are also elaborately dressed and adorned. You will also find examples of Kabuki style costumes and clothing in addition to some lacquerware displays noted for their beauty and functionality. The artifacts express a sense of humanity’s respect to the Morioka culture and that this museum can provide a priceless experience. There is also an interesting introduction to festivals held in Morioka on the first floor if you plan to return to the city to see more!

    The one drawback is that there is a lack of English translations available. It may be hard for you to understand and appreciate the information about all these artifacts if you can’t read Japanese.

    What I’ve described is just the beginning of what you can learn at the Morioka History and Culture Museum. Learning about the history of any city can be an eye-opening experience. It’s important to learn about the past to move forward in the future.

    Morioka History and Culture Museum (Japanese only)

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