Q-Pot’s Newest Designs Are Making Japanese School Bags Sweeter!

  • Some of you may have noticed how intricate the Japanese are when it comes to arts and crafts. Each and every detail is made with delicate hands to bring out just the right touch of how the artisan wants the work to come out perfectly.

    q-pot randsel intro

    The ever popular Japanese randsel is now an item that is receiving a lot of attention. This new type of randsel is being made with a sweet motif that aims to capture the attention of those who have a hidden sweet tooth! Check out these cute sweets-themed randsels from Q-pot!

    Background of Q-pot

    q-pot randsel phones

    Q-pot is an accessories brand created and designed by Wakamatsu Tadaaki, with its main shop located in Harajuku. The designs of his work are centered around sweets and pastries, with various collections that boast realistic images of what they look like. The brand once brought out the chocolate Q-pot phone in collaboration with NTT Docomo. This time around Q-pot is about to bring their newest idea to the public, the sweets randsels.

    Melty Bitter Chocolate and Melty Milk BisQuit Randsel

    q-pot randsel sweets

    With the popularity of randsels increasing, a number of makers are bringing out their own designs of the elementary schoolers’ backpacks. Q-pot came up with the Melty Bitter Chocolate and Melty Milk Biscuit motif randsels which are sure to capture attention with their melting designs.

    q-pot randsel sweets 2

    Aside from the designs above, basic designs are also available. The randsels come in a lightweight size of 1,300g and are complete with needed functionality and exceptional ease of use. Both randsels also come with a bag charm made from natural wood and also a name plate made from the same material as the randsel.

    q-pot randsel sweers tag

    Q-pot started taking advance reservations for these randsels on April 1st through their shop in Harajuku and by their online shop with prices from ¥77,000-¥88,000 (tax excluded). Claiming period will be from February to mid-March of 2017, just about time for the new school year.

    With the sweetly adorable look of these bags, kids and adults alike are sure to be fond of the designs.

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