Experiencing Mitsukoshi Italia Week: Delicious Food, Wine and More in Nihonbashi!

  • Japan is definitely a food mecca – everything from sushi, ramen to natto and every possible flavor of kit kat your brain can think of can be found here. However, if one is craving a taste of Italy, it may be harder to find. Where can one find legitimate Iberico ham, handmade Italian pasta or the amazing cheeses that Italy is so well known for? Well, search no further as the local well-known shopping store Mitsukoshi in the Nihonbashi district has got you covered.

    Mitsukoshi Italia Week

    On the 7th-floor event space, one can find everything Italian during this fair with a special focus on Sicily. The event itself started on April 13th and will last for 26 days, although the food festival itself lasts only until April 21st, 2016. There is something for practically every Italian craving palate. In fact, it’s quite overwhelming as one steps off the elevator to see so much Italian goodness surrounding you. They even give out samples for you to try.

    During the event, I was able to try a wide variety of olives, cured meats (still drooling over that salami), cheeses and amazing Italian desserts, with layers of lighter than air pastry filled with Italian cream. Is there anything better than that? Not to mention the rows and rows of olive oil, each with a different unique taste. Sponsored by the Italian tourism, cultural institute, and the Italian embassy, this event is a must-see for any lover of Italy.

    Not to fret, it’s not only food they showcase but an impressive array of wines. Perfect to go with the pizzas that they sell by the slice. So if you happen to be in Tokyo during these dates, make sure to check it out. You won’t regret it. And for those that miss the festival, there is no need to worry! This is a yearly event, so make sure to check the website for further information and future dates! Itadakimasu and buon appetito!

    Mitsukoshi Italia Week website

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    *Featured image: photo-ac.com