Looking for a Romantic Place in Japan? Stay at the Most Beautiful and Romantic Hotel in Ibaraki!

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  • Are you looking for a romantic getaway in Ibaraki prefecture? Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which hotel to stay at, as there are so many options. How about the Mito Plaza Hotel? Let’s discover everything this hotel has to offer.

    A Glowing History

    The Mito Plaza Hotel and the city of Kyoto are closely connected with each other. The idea originally came from American inventor Edison who created the filament lamp. He was struggling to find materials that could light up for a long time, when he met someone who introduced him to bamboo from Kyoto, and that encounter gave him the material needed to succeed.

    The bamboo and the memory of Mr. Edison live on in the architecture of the Plaza Hotel. The grandson of this inventor was actually the interior designer of the building. There is a mixture of Japanese and Western wall patterns, and a décor to make all travelers feel like they’re at home.

    Comfortable Rooms

    The rooms vary in size, but they’re all very pleasant to stay in. Many of them are decorated in an older style, but they’re all classically beautiful and clean. The rooms are spacious and offer cushy beds for a good night’s sleep. The hotel staff is highly-trained and treats each guest with famous Japanese-style ‘omotenashi’ hospitality. Additionally, there is a tranquil guest house where people can go for some rest and relaxation.

    Great Food Selection

    The restaurants in the hotel boast various styles: Japan, China, and Western restaurants are all ready to provide you with delicious treats. Great drinks can be found at the lounge bar. You can eat and drink all day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served here. There is even an enchanting winter garden in the middle of the hotel to enjoy your meals. If you don’t feel like going out, you can just order room service.

    Many guests have found this hotel to be filled with wonderful rooms, employees, and food. It’s lovely and clean to ensure the guest’s happiness. If you like a hotel that mixes themes from the old world and the new, then this is the hotel to stay at. Enjoy the history of Japan and a modern décor all at once in this hotel perfect for a romantic getaway!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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