Check out the Deliciously Cute Japanese Trend that has Gone Viral!

  • Japan is well known for amazing food choices and usually, some of the first things that come to mind are sushi, ramen, or even that dreaded natto (fermented soybeans). Yet did you know that they have incredible bakeries and baked goods as well?

    Yes, Japan produce some of the fluffiest bread around, made with the creamiest of dairy products straight from the Hokkaido prefecture, which of course, is famous for producing the best butter and cream in the country, if not the world!

    Cuteness culture

    Japan is also very well-known for being the land of cuteness (kawaii). There is a whole genre of clothing, character stores, and even entire streets dedicated to the ‘cute’ craze. On top of that, there is nothing more adorable as the super cute Japanese babies, in my opinion. Imagine now the two seemingly disparate worlds combine to become a new viral trend: Bread or baby?!

    Bread or baby?!

    Yes, you heard that right. Hot off the heels of the ‘hot dogs or legs’ viral trending of last summer, there is now a uniquely Japanese viral sensation. Babies with their super cuddly arms with rolls are placed next to Japan’s answer to the soft bread roll, complete with folds of their own. This bread can easily be found at the local convenience store (like 7-11, Family Mart, and so on) and come with pull-apart rolls that look so similar to baby’s arms. The way it works is that parents take pictures of their baby’s arm next to one of these rolls and post it online. Then it’s off to the races as the pictures are out for the world to see.

    And believe me, the world loves what it’s seeing as pictures have circulated all over the internet. Initially posted by a creative mom with the byline: “I created a tag, hope everyone else will take a look at it. Am I the only one who feels that this will become the greatest tag?” and showcases her baby’s arm alongside the popular pull-apart bread.It has now become a worldwide sensation, well on its way to becoming the “greatest tag”. Usually with newborns up to 100 days old, the pictures perfectly capture the cute baby rolls that are too irresistible not to cuddle up to.

    Who knew carb counting could be so cute! This takes ‘kawaii’ to a whole new level as it couldn’t get any cuter than this. So as you browse through social media today, take a look at twitter or even Facebook to see for yourself how this new trend has slowly taken over the internet. Happy viewing!

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