The Famous Tsukiji Market’s Final Countdown: Don’t Miss the Closing Event!

  • By now, many of you may have already heard the news regarding the famous Tsukiji Market. It has been announced that the popular tourist attraction will be ending its long-running market and is moving to a new location before the year ends. As we all know, time flies and it will only be a matter of time before you see the last of this historic market in Tsukiji.

    As its last year in operation, the final event has been prepared and confirmed for visitors as well as to raise expectations for the market’s relocation in Toyosu. The ‘Thank you, Tsukiji. Tsukiji Market Festival (ありがとう、築地。築地市場祭り)’ is coming up soon so be sure to check out the final show for this famous tourist hot spot!

    Tsukiji Market

    The Tsukiji Market has been running since the Showa Era and has supported the food and market scene in Tokyo for 81 years, with an ever increasing amount of interest from locals and tourists from all over the world. The market is set to finish officially in Tsukiji on November 2, and will be relocated and renamed as Toyosu Market on November 7 before the end of the year.

    Thank you, Tsukiji. Tsukiji Market Festival

    On May 3, the final event, ‘Thank you, Tsukiji. Tsukiji Market Festival’ will take place. Over 36 productions from all over will gather at the event to showcase their delicious food items. Aside from being able to taste different gourmets, there will also be fresh seafood and marine products, as well as vegetables and fruits to be sold. The event will take place from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

    During the event, talent Hayashiya Shozo will be present to conduct a talk show. There will also be a Japanese Taiko musical performance, and even Kirimi Chan, Sanrio’s popular salmon fillet character, will be making an appearance. Furthermore, there will also be a Tsukiji Photo Exhibition and a “Thank You Tsukiji” message board prepared for the event.

    This will be the last chance for you to experience Tsukiji Market’s event before it relocates and begins a new generation with Toyosu Market. However, there is still enough time for you to visit Tokyo’s popular fish market if you’re traveling through Tokyo before November. Be sure to try out the food selection available at the market and if your schedule permits it, make sure to check out the festival event as well!


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