Check out Akiyoshidai Safari Land: Bursting with Fun and Beautiful Animals!

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  • All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yes! One cannot work their entire life without creating time for pleasure. With that said, one of the best places to spend your free time is the Akiyoshidai Safari Land which is an amusement park and zoo that is located in the Yamaguchi prefecture. The zoo houses approximately 700 different species of wild animals.

    All the animals

    The park has a dynamic natural environment where there are different species of animals. It is divided into a petting square, safari zone, amusement park, and kid’s safari. The safari land is not more than a two-hour drive from Iwakuni and it may be a great way to spend your afternoon.

    When you get to Akiyoshidai Safari land, you’re able to observe the animals very closely in a near-wild state and natural environment. Also, you’ll find some unusual animals like a baby lion, white tigers and red pandas in the amazing park. There are also other animals which include cheetahs, elephants, bears and so on. Visitors can either tour the park in their own car or tour via the park buses for a closer encounter with the animals.

    Kids love it!

    Children will have the opportunity to see cute animals like a rare white tiger that is very rare where its main features are white fur and blue eyes. The amusement park area also provides the opportunity for go-carting and riding roller coasters, where in some cases the animals are there right beside you.

    Children can also make the most of the nearby rides in the petting zoo as well as enjoy feeding animals like goats, ponies, cows, guinea pigs, rabbits, elephants, kangaroos, and squirrel monkeys. Be sure to take along some hand sanitizer too, it may come in handy!

    So, there you go! If you’re looking for a place bursting with fun for the entire family then look no further than Akiyoshidai Safari Land. It may just become your home away from home, especially if you love animals!

    Akiyoshdai Safari Land Website*Japanese Only


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