Why is Japan’s Famous Glico so Successful at Creating Mouthwatering Treats?

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  • If you’ve eaten Pocky, Seventeen Ice Cream or Cheeza, then you’ve probably heard of its manufacturer, Glico. The company is formally known as Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. which is headquartered in Osaka. It has been producing traditional candies for a long time in Japan which have been adored by so many loyal consumers who can’t seem to get enough. But have you come to ask yourself why their products are so popular? Let’s check out some of the reasons below.

    1. Brilliant ideas

    Glico tries to break all barriers of creating fun food for all ages. Take the example of “Pocky,” a popular Japanese snack, which has attracted so many consumers owing to its never-ending versions of delicious coatings. The idea stems from the popularity of “Pretz” which is a popular snack around the world but eating it, would usually mean messy fingers. Glico used their brilliant innovation to turn the simple concept of Pretz into the brilliant concept of “Pocky”.

    2. Customers first

    Glico doesn’t only focus on the originality and uniqueness of its products but also on the demands of its many, many customers. Like many food companies, its manufacturing strategies are based purely on the customer’s wants and needs and how they are able to diversify their taste buds. This is one of many reasons why not only children love them and devour them all too easily, but adults too.

    Let’s take “Cheeza” for example, this premium delicious snack is not only enjoyable on its own but also goes perfectly well with beer and wine.

    3. Counting Calories

    Glico doesn’t only produce delicious treats but also considers the impact on the health of their customers, where every single bite is tasty but conscious of calories. For example, their ice cream which only contains 80 calories per serving, as it’s very delicate but tasty, and uses a low-calorie sweetener as well as tofu-based raw materials.

    So, if you ever find yourself wondering how and why Glico is globally expanding, then these are some of the points to consider. No wonder, it has made a huge name in the Japanese confectionery industry. So, if you’re wandering the streets of Japan in search of some delicious snacks or treats, be sure to check out the range from Glico at your nearest convenience store (konbini)!

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