4 Sinfully Tasty Junk Foods to Enjoy in Japan!

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  • Junk food in Japan is not like the junk food we know so well in the West, it is often a lot tastier in my opinion! Most of the time, these foods are eaten as a part of people’s snack routine. These snacks can make a great companion during that idle time at work or at home. Many Japanese junk foods are often less calorific compared to junk foods from other countries, which makes it an ideal place to sinfully eat. Dig into these 4 must-try Japanese junk foods you’ll surely love!

    Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

    Karaage is the name of the technique used when deep frying food in oil. It can be found almost anywhere in the country, from restaurants to izakaya to convenience stores. It is lightly coated with seasoning to make it tastier and crunchier. It is a great snack as it is served hot every time you order.

    Teriyaki Burger

    Just like in the USA, burgers are very popular snacks in Japan. Oftentimes Japanese burgers have a little twist, where added flavors can be tasted. A good example of such a burger is the so-called Teriyaki Burger. Unlike conventional burgers it contains sweet sauce which is a bit spicy (such as MOS Teriyaki Burger), and goes very well with mayonnaise.

    French Fries

    Well, let’s face it. Almost everyone loves French fries, also in Japan. This especially pertains to younger kids but adults can’t help to dig in occasionally as well. Other than the famous fries you can get at McDonalds, specialty shops all over Japan have actually started to create their own versions of French fries. There are so many toppings to choose from such as the ones sold in Pommeke which is actually a Belgian shop rather than a Japanese one. It has also been one of the favorite junk foods in the country which makes a good pair for wasabi mayo.


    Monjayaki is a fried food quite similar to the more well-known okonomiyaki. It is an interesting dish as it is immediately taken off the grill by spatula. Since it looks like melted batter of composed of different liquid ingredients, some people think of it as ‘fried soup’. If you want to try monjayaki in Tokyo, this shop is a good place to do so.

    Are you coming to Japan soon, or are you already there? If you feel peckish around 3 pm or feel like a late night snack, be sure to try these 4 great foods on-the-go!

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