In a Hurry During Your Osaka Travels? Try These 4 Tasty Bentos at Shin-Osaka Station!

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  • The Kansai region is considered to be the historical heart of Japan. It is popularly known all over the world for its delicious cuisine which is the reason why many tourists are attracted to the area. If you’re traveling via Shin-Osaka Station, don’t forget to grab a bite even in the shortest possible time with these four tasty boxed meals.

    Daruma’s Rosu-Katsu (loin-cutlet sandwich)

    Rosu-Katsu comes from the word “rosu” meaning pork loin and “katsu”, an abbreviation for the Japanese pronunciation of “cutlet”. So it literally means pork loin cutlet. One famous place to buy a bento box of this is called Kushikatsu Daruma which serves very good Japanese deep-fried dishes served with a special sauce. In the station, you will be able to find unique foods such as a loin-cutlet sandwiches made of 8 pieces of pork loin. You can purchase one box for 680 yen.

    Suiryoken’s Hakaku Bento

    Hakaku Bento is a bento box made of wood. It is one of the beautiful crafts produced in Japan which is used as a food container as it enhances the food’s taste and appearance. These can be bought at the station by Suiryoken Company which was founded over 120 years ago. The octagonal containers come with different food varieties incorporating the Kansai style of cooking.

    Temari Sushi

    Temari Sushi or Temarizushi comes from the word “temari” which is a decorative balls used for art and games, and sushi which we all know is raw fish. So it could literally be taken to mean ball-shaped sushi. A commercial complex known as Eki-Marche is one of the best places in the station to look for this kind of food. You can also find some of these grouped inside a bento box which usually costs 1,000 yen each.

    Kukuru’s Takoyaki

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    Takoyaki is a Japanese snack which has been shaped into a ball. It is a typical yet popular specialty made in Osaka. One particular producer of this is Kukuru which presents takoyaki in bento boxes which are sold in many shops within the station. A box of this can cost around 1,000 yen.

    Before leaving Osaka or exploring the area, why don’t you grab a bite by eating food from a bento box first, which you whether you are in a hurry or not! A good journey starts and ends with a great meal!

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