4 of Japan’s Most Popular Song Choices at Karaoke

  • Karaoke is a great way to relieve stress and to bond with family and friends. Karaoke originates from Japan, and it remains a popular pastime among Japanese people. There are certain songs which are regularly picked by most karaoke goers in Japan. This list will show you 4 of the most popular karaoke song choices!

    1. Heavy Rotation by AKB48

    AKB48 is a mega-idol group which originally consisted of 48 members. There are more than 130 members now, and many of the songs released by this band top music charts. The center of this Heavy Rotation single is Yuko Oshima. Other members which are featured prominently in the music video are Mariko Shinoda, Mayu Watanabe, Atsuko Maeda, and Tomomi Itano. Heavy Rotation is the longest charting single by AKB48 so far. In 2010, it was the 2nd best-selling single in Japan.

    2. Memeshikute by Golden Bomber

    Golden Bomber is a Visual Kei air-rock band. Visual Kei refers to a Japanese music movement in which the artists would wear elaborate makeup, hairstyles, and costumes. On the other hand, air bands are bands in which the members do not play the musical instruments by themselves, but rather, they pretend to play the instruments. Golden Bomber’s song, Memeshikute which was released in 2010, launched the band to fame. Memeshikute means effeminate, and the song remains the band’s most popular.

    3. Hanamizuki by Yo Hitoto

    Yo Hitoto is a pop singer whose mother is Japanese while her father is Taiwanese. Hanamizuki means flowering dogwood, and the song is the 5th single by Yo Hitoto. Aside from being the theme song for the movie Hanamizuki, the song has also been used as a JRA commercial song, and as a theme song for the TV program Kin’you Suspense Gekijou. It is also Yo Hitoto’s best-selling single by .

    4. Kiseki by Greeeen

    Greeeen is a band that is comprised of 4 male members Hide, Navi, Kuni, and Soh. It is interesting to note that all the members have professional careers in dentistry and have never shown their faces in public as part of Greeeen. In 2009, Kiseki was awarded the “best-selling download single in Japan” by Guinness World Records. The single has been covered by several artists, including international ones like C.J. Lewis and Andrew W.K.

    If you are required to sing karaoke in Japan, memorizing the lyrics to the songs in this list may prove to be helpful. It may surprise and impress your Japanese friends!

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