Add These Cute Kimono Undies from Japan To Your Lingerie Collection!

  • With all the spring-themed crazes popping up here and there during this blooming season, it’s no wonder that even the most unusual items you could think of are getting involved. Snacks and beverages, clothing and footwear, and now even underwear?!


    FUNTY is a Japanese lingerie site that provides comfortable and fashionable undergarments for its customers. The name FUNTY is a wordplay using FUNdoshi, a type of traditional Japanese undergarment worn by men, and the TY from underwear panTY. Before their newest line came out the previous Fundoshi they sold was actually sold out!

    Now FUNTY is back at it again with the creative and unique ideas that are dominating their newest collection. Check out these kimono inspired undergarments that’ll spice things up in your underwear drawer with the VENUS kimono series!

    VENUS Kimono Series

    Thanks to the huge success of the previous underwear line, FUNTY is back with a new collection that will match the spring season perfectly.

    Items in the Venus kimono series’ underwear are all made using 100% silk, with elegant designs complete with the seasons’ blooming sakura flower imprints. The series currently has 4 available varieties which are the Sakura Blue, Sakura Green, and Spring Garden which are sold for ¥7,800 each, and the Sakura Premium which is sold for ¥8,800.

    The Sakura Premium may be a bit pricier than the rest but that’s because it is made with Tango Chirimen, which is a form of textile made of flat woven silk (also called ‘silk crepe’). The Sakura Premium underwear then undergoes a traditional Japanese fabric dyeing technique from Kyoto, known as Kyo Yuzen.

    These undergarments surely bring out the spring feel with their mellow colors and designs. If you’d like to add these to your collection, do check out FUNTY’s website! And don’t forget to check out their other available series as well!

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