Check Out Nissin’s New (and Controversial) Cup Noodle Flavors

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  • In line with Nissin Cup Noodle’s 45th anniversary, 2 new flavors have been introduced for the Cup Noodle series. The new flavors seem to be luxury ingredients which are also pretty controversial and may upset some people who do not approve of or have not tasted the luxury ingredients before. The 2 flavors that will be released are shark fin soup and softshell turtle soup.

    Shark Fin and Softshell Turtles

    Shark fin soup is a traditional Chinese cuisine which is typically served at grand occasions such as weddings and banquets. It is deemed as a luxury ingredient so it comes at a high price. In traditional Chinese medicine, shark fin is said to be good for the skin due to the high amount of collagen. Other health benefits are believed to be the increase of appetite, a boost in libido, and an increase in qi energy. There have been international concerns to ban shark fin soup due to the cruelty involved in obtaining shark fins.

    New flavors from Nissin Cup Noodle

    On the other hand, softshell turtles or Trionychidae has been a delicacy, especially in East Asia. The delicacy is believed to have life-lengthening properties according to traditional Chinese medicine. As it is also believed to possess cooling properties and blood-enriching properties and has been prescribed as a remedy for menopausal symptoms.

    The new flavors from Nissin Cup Noodle boast of containing 1,000 mg of collagen per cup. Most collagen supplements recommend an intake of 5,000 mg of collagen per day for skin health so the cup noodles contain a pretty high amount of collagen! As to whether the luxury ingredients are contained in the cup noodles, the ingredients of the shark fin soup flavored cup noodle lists mock shark fin ingredient instead of the real deal. On the other hand, the softshell turtle soup flavored cup noodle contains turtle shell powder.

    Nissin also hired the famous TV personality, Beat Takashi, to promote the new luxury flavors which became available for sale on the 11th of April 2016. Each cup noodle is only priced at 230 yen, so there may not be many luxury ingredients in them after all!

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