Step into the Stone Age and Explore the Glacial Period in Tomizawa!

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  • The Glacial Period (20,000 years ago) was a time when ice-cold temperatures were at its time of advancement. With the vast ice sheets and freezing temperatures, it was hard to survive for Paleolithic people (people of the Stone Age).

    However, a great discovery was made when the camping site for the people of the early Stone Age was found in Tomizawa where a museum was built over it to preserve its existence. The museum was named the Tomizawa Site Museum consisting of an underground exhibit educating many people on the time of the glacial era and how the ancestors survived.

    How the Museum Started


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    Tomizawa Site Museum has a theme devoted to the Paleolithic Age. It is a swamp forest which preserved the remains found many years ago such as coniferous trees (spruce, Kurile larch, and fir). There’s also a hint that deer used to visit the place.

    It was obviously seen as a camping site for a group of Paleolithic people who seemed to be looking or hunting for food. Some say they sat around an open fire while trying to fix their spears, ate supper, and spent the night there before venturing out the following day. Plenty of evidence of this can be found in the museum.

    Other Exhibits


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    If you visit the upper floor, you will find several exhibits related to the Glacial Period such as the stone tools and creation of fire. You will learn more on how Paleolithic people survived. Some exhibits show the specimens which also survived during those days such as plants, animals, and insects. A cheerful mascot, Dr. Tomizawa, can be seen in accompanying signs and providing viewing information. Though most of these are written in Japanese, some English information is also available. There’s also an area for stalls selling souvenirs as well as another area for making your own stone tools.

    Get culturally involved while exploring the old glacial days at the Tomizawa Site Museum. Get lost inside its roots and history while gazing into its underground exhibits.

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