5 Delicious Green-Tea Flavored Japanese Sweets for Matcha Lovers!

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  • As you know, matcha, which is also called green tea, is one of the most famous Japanese cultures. Originally, matcha was just a drink, but these days there are matcha flavored snacks such as chocolates, candies, cookies, cake, ice cream, and so on. Here, I’ll show you those matcha flavor staff especially you can find in convenience stores so that you can find easily when you visit Japan. When you visit Japan, you should try those out!

    1. Oreo premium rich matcha cream

    Obviously, this is an Oreo cookie. Maybe, you can find it in your country too. However, this Is a Japanese version Oreo, matcha flavor.

    2. Mike Matcha popcorn

    Can you imagine the popcorn with matcha? It is a matcha flavor popcorn. It is mixed up with caramel, so you may feel both of caramel and matcha. In Japan, it is so popular because of matching of matcha and caramel flavors.

    3. Yawamochi ( Matcha ice cream)

    There are many matcha flavor ice cream in Japan, especially in convenience stores, but this one is my recommendation! Yawamochi ice cream is just like a Japanese traditional dessert. That has matcha flavor ice cream, and there are Dango which is small-sphere rice cake, and Anko, which is red beans jam, are on the matcha ice cream!!

    4. Matcha kit kat

    This one is also famous candy all over the world, Kit Kat. But in my opinion, matcha flavor is the best! In Japan, there are many flavor kit kats. Sometimes you can find the limited flavor depending on the region.

    5. Matcha blunchul

    This is one of the most famous one which is matcha with cookies. Matcha cream is sanded by two cookies just as like sandwich. You can’t stop eating this!


    Here, I introduced matcha flavor staff that you can find in convenience stores. There are many matcha flavor staff in Japan, and sometimes it may sound weired. However, I bet those are taste great and you will like those! When you visit Japan, you should check out convenience stores, and you may find interesting matcha flavor staff!