The Snoopy Museum Has Opened in Roppongi! Here’s Why You Should Pay a Visit

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  • There are a number of beloved characters in Japan which are made by Japanese artists. You have Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Pikachu, and a whole lot more. But just because there are so many popular characters that the Japanese love, doesn’t mean that they are not interested in popular characters from other countries too.

    One popular foreign character has made its way to Japan and just opened its first official satellite museum. The Snoopy Museum is now open so make sure to head down there if you’re a big fan!

    Snoopy Museum Tokyo


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    On April 23rd, the first satellite Snoopy Museum opened in Roppongi. Visitors to the museum can get to enjoy a variety of original cartoons from the collection of the Charles M. Schulz museum. Snoopy and other characters will be featured, and the museum will also be introducing new exhibitions every six months.

    My Favorite Peanuts


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    Featuring 60 of Charles M. Schulz’s original Peanuts cartoons, My Favorite Peanuts is the opening exhibition of the Snoopy Museum which was personally selected by Jean Schulz, Charles’ wife. The opening exhibition will run until September 25th and is open all days of the week.

    Cafe Blanket & Brown’s Store


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    Cafe Blanket is presented by the Peanut’s Cafe in Tokyo. There is a large blue table in the middle of the cafe which represents Linus’ blanket. The cafe serves food and beverages in a warm and comfortable ambience. There is also a terrace table where you can also opt to be seated.


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    Brown’s Store boasts a variety of exclusive Peanuts and Snoopy products. Confectionary items, apparel, museum guide books and stationary are all available for purchase here. You can also find products inspired by the museum as well as collaboration items with third party brands.

    Admission prices are 1,800 yen, 1,200 yen, 800 yen and 400 yen for adults, university/ college students, senior/ junior high students and elementary school students respectively through advance purchase and with children under 3 free of charge. If you are a fan of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Go check out the cafe and the store for a meal and a souvenir!

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