No More Spillage and Wastage: Powdered Soy Sauce is the Way to Go!

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  • There are a variety of condiments in Japan that we can choose from that will match each and every individual’s personal taste. Wherever you are in the world, some foods have certain condiments accompanied with it to bring out the best flavor.

    Japan uses a variety of these condiments too, with some originating in Japan, as well as others from all around the world. So, would you like to add a bit of spice? There’s rayu (chili oil) for that. Sushi and sashimi? Soy sauce and wasabi. However, if you want to try out a revolutionized condiment, then you have got to try Kona Shoyu!

    Origin of Kona Shoyu

    Kona Shoyu (or powder soy sauce) was developed by a Kyoto based restaurant, Shimogamosaryo, that was established in 1856. In 2013, the head chef of the restaurant came out with the idea of Kona Shoyu in order to provide a product that would suit the taste of modern times while preserving the traditional culture of Kyoto.

    Ryotei no Kona Shoyu

    Ryotei no Kona Shoyu is the type of powder soy sauce that is available on Shimogamosaryo’s website. The main purpose behind their kona shoyu is not only to taste like soy sauce but to also bring about a tasteful aroma as well, by combining it with a citrus Japanese fruit (yuzu) and grounded chili peppers (ichimi).

    Different ways to enjoy Kona Shoyu

    Now you may wonder whether kona shoyu is only limited to certain foods, but it actually varies from person to person. Kona shoyu can be used with battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables (tempura), sushi and sashimi, other varieties of deep-fried dishes (agemono), and even on a sunny-side-up fried egg or white rice for a Japanese-inspired breakfast.

    Kona shoyu can be purchased online at Shimogamosaryo’s website for 302 yen a pack or 1,620 yen for 3 packs and a dispenser. This is the perfect way to enjoy soy sauce without having to worry about soy sauce dripping everywhere and making a mess! Be sure to check it out and grab some for yourself to try with your meals.

    Shimogamosaryo Website*Japanese Only

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