Need to A Tasty Beverage in Tokyo Morning and Night? Starbucks Evenings Has You Covered!

  • Many people all over the world are familiar with the popular coffee chain, Starbucks. For us who love to drink our regular coffees and have a place to take the time to unwind and relax or even to lighten our workload, Starbucks is one of our go-to places.

    But if you want to experience Starbucks on a different level, you can visit the first Starbucks branch in Japan that serves alcoholic drinks and food, and the usual coffees and pastries at the newly opened Starbucks Evenings!

    Starbucks Evenings


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    Starbucks Evenings, the first Starbucks to serve alcoholic drinks in Japan, just opened its doors on March 30th on the 1st floor of the Shin Tokyo Building in Marunouchi. The Starbucks Evening branch may seem like the other ordinary branches but what differs is the menu that they offer their customers.

    Starbucks Evenings Menu


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    One of the new menu items that Starbucks Evenings serves is their wine fraggino. wine fraggino is a blended ice beverage which is quite similar to a frappuccino but instead trades out the coffee for wine. It is made with a mix of blueberry wine from Hokkaido and is sold for ¥900. If you aren’t into drinking wine, this beverage might change your mind!


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    Also to accompany the different alcoholic beverages, Starbucks Evenings also serves its original tartelettes. The tartelettes come in 5 varieties namely, the camembert and berries, cream cheese and orange, gouda cheese and tropical fruits, black cocoa couverture and finally, strawberry and white chocolate. All of them are sold for ¥380 each.


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    Aside from the above-mentioned offerings, Starbucks Evenings also serve different wines, beers, ratatouille and as well as the usual selection of coffees, frappuccinos, and pastries.

    Whether you’re craving a cup of coffee or a glass of alcohol after work, Starbucks Evenings is surely the place you’ll want to go. So if you want to try out the experience, make sure to head down to Starbucks Evenings in Marunouchi!

    Starbucks Evenings

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