Are You Up to Date on the Final Fantasy XV Film?

  • Square Enix has revealed that there will be a Final Fantasy XV movie. The new feature-length CGI movie is entitled Kingsglaive, and it stars popular international actors and actresses, such as Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and Lena Headey. The film will be directed by Takeshi Nozue, who was also the director of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

    FF XV kingsglaive

    The Cast

    Sean Bean is an English actor who in recent years, is well-known for his performance as the character Ned Stark in the hit television series Game of Thrones. Other notable works include his role as Boromir in The Lord of The Ring series, and as Simon / Tracie in the British television series Accused. In Kingsglaive, he will be playing the role of King Regis.

    Similar to Sean Bean, Lena Headey is an English actress who has gained a lot of recognition for her role in The Game of Thrones, in which she plays the role of Queen Cersei Lannister. Other prominent roles include her portrayal of the Queen of Sparta named Gorgo in the movie 300, and as Sarah Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In the Kingsglaive movie, she will be playing the character of Princess Luna.

    Aaron Paul is an American actor who is best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the American crime drama series Breaking Bad, which earned him several awards. He has also starred in other movies such as Need for Speed and A Long Way Down. Aaron Paul will be portraying the soldier Nyx.

    The Film

    The story centers on the war between the magical kingdom Lucis, and the empire of Niflheim. Lucis has a special crystal which Niflheim wishes to obtain. A group of skilled soldiers called the Kingsglaive is commanded by King Regis of Lucis to fight against the imperial army of Niflheim. You can watch the trailer of the CGI film here.

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Kingsglaive ahead of the Final Fantasy XV game in 2016. However, the film will not be released in theaters. Instead, it will be available for streaming or download. Are you excited to see it?

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