4 Classy Sandwiches to Try when Traveling through Japan!

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  • Do you know that Japan has a secret love for breakfast loaf? Yes, indeed. Although rice is the country’s staple dish, many people also prefer eating bread which is whiter and fluffier in nature and some prefer toasted bread while others eat sandwiches filled with a variety of ingredients.

    There is even a variety of what is considered ‘high-class’ sandwiches that are prepared differently throughout the country. Here are four popular classy sandwiches to keep an eye out for!

    Beef Sandwich

    Beef (wagyu) is famous all over Japan as it is used to create many delicious cuisines that are not only limited to main meals but also as a filling in sandwiches. In most cases, the “katsu” style of frying the beef is used in sandwich fillings. Since beef (particularly Kobe beef) is expensive in Japan, it greatly influences the price of the sandwiches. However, regardless of price, the beef sandwich is still well worth every bite!

    Fruit Sandwich

    If you’re not fond of sandwiches as a snack then you might want to try enjoying it as a dessert. Many women throughout Japan love fruit sandwiches because of its creamy, tasty ingredients. Generally speaking, Japanese people do not tend to favour strange sweet fillings, as most prefer a variety of fruits such as strawberries, kiwi fruit, mangoes, and bananas. Fruit can tend to be rather expensive in Japan, so prices vary depending on the season and the sandwich you pick.

    Shrimp Fillet Sandwich

    If you don’t love beefy or fruity fillings, you can always opt for a sandwich filled with fried shrimps. Fried shrimp is very popular all over Japan and is commonly seen in a variety of dishes on menus or as an ingredient in packaged food. In most cases, fried shrimp is devoured with tartar sauce or mayonnaise.

    Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

    However, if you would like to stick to mainstream sandwiches, then definitely try the chicken cutlet sandwich. It’s served traditionally with barbecue sauce or garlic mayonnaise sauce. Chicken is popular everywhere in the world, so this one is an easy choice for visitors to the country. For the health conscious, these sandwiches can also be served with green vegetables.

    So, if you’re in a hurry but still want something delicious with a touch of class, why not seek out one of Japan’s ‘high-class’ sandwiches!

    If you’re in Tokyo, here’s a great place to track down to try one of Japan’s delicious high-class sandwiches!

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