Want an Affordable Elegant Experience of Japanese and French Cuisine in Kyoto?

  • For many visitors to Japan, it makes perfect sense to eat as much authentic Japanese food while the opportunity is there which can also be a fun, adventurous and enlightening experience all in one sitting. Japan boasts many Michelin Star restaurants where in most cases, having a Michelin star translates to expensive dining.

    However, what if there was a restaurant in Kyoto which is not only owned by a Japanese chef who prepares Michelin-star quality food but is affordable too? A restaurant where every mouthful is a delight, every visit is like a museum of culinary art, where every moment is a zen revelation? Would you be intrigued to try it? I hope the answer to that is- without a doubt!

    Restaurant Tamura

    Introducing Restaurant Tamura, owned by Chef Shogo Tamura; a professional chef who specializes in French Kaiseki – an elegant combination of French and Japanese cuisines. The restaurant is nestled in a quiet Kyoto neighborhood away from the usual tourist attractions and crowds. In fact, word of mouth is the only way to find such a local dining treasure and experience to die for!


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    Everything here eats and breathes Japanese and if you’re not familiar with the Japanese language, written and spoken, then getting through the menu on your own can be a tough challenge. But, not to worry as everything on the menu is deliciously out of this world so it doesn’t really matter what you end up choosing! A great way to go about it is to be adventurous and pick a random selection and embrace the delicious surprise that will be presented to you. However, be sure to inform an English-speaking staff member of any allergies (just in case).



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    Generally, the dinner time menu in Japan is priced higher than the lunch time menu. So, at Restaurant Tamura, expect to pay from around 3500 yen for lunch and from 6800 yen for dinner. When I last visited, the all-inclusive (except wine and beverages) full course lunch set was around 6000 yen.

    The few times I have had the opportunity to visit Kyoto, it has been a culinary experience that I’ve relished every time. So, if you’re ever in the Kyoto region looking for an elegant Japanese and French experience please venture to Restaurant Tamura.

    Last but not least the menu changes every month to include endless creativity and pleasant surprises in every dish!

    Restaurant Tamura Website*Japanese Only


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