Rain on your hanami day? No worries!

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  • Many people here are speaking of hanami, which is becoming a common word for foreigners. It is very beautiful Japanese-styled party for the occasion. However, what if it rains the day you plan to have hanami party on?

    The time of your Japan trip should be limited, and it is often difficult to postpone it or the cherry blossoms would be blown after rain. So today, let’s see how you can enjoy hanami on a rainy day.

    1. Climb the mountain

    Seeing falling cherry blossoms from on high will allow you to enjoy in a very different way as you do on a sunny day. Flower petals fall to the ground and it looks a carpet of flowers! Some pieces of the cherry blossoms are still on the tree, and you can enjoy a richer view of the beautiful contrast between them.

    But please be noted that you had better go to see them from on high by car.

    2. Reserve good tables at restaurants

    One of the most famous views of cherry blossoms around Tokyo is “Megurogawa river”. You can enjoy such a comfortable hanami indoors. Check if there is still empty table when rain lets you down.

    Hanabi (URL: http://hanabi-nakame.jp/)

    3. Walk under cherry trees

    I read a very thoughtful opinion the other day.
    People who do hanami on a sunny day sometimes seem not to enjoy it as a beautiful Japanese culture. They eat, drink, and dance… don’t look up cherry blossoms. However, people walk under the cherry tree on a rainy day really want to see this flower. If they don’t, they would walk to see cherry blossoms on a sunny day, or give up seeing them.
    (source: http://talk-talk.dreamlog.jp/archives/5091768.html)


    Some of you might cancel your hanami schedule because of the bad weather, which is nobody’s fault. But brighten yourself up! Let’s make your day by doing something that only rain allows you to experience!