Toilet in Japan is Becoming a Room which you can use as a Toilet

  • Even we Japanese are sometimes amazed by how Japan’s restrooms are developed, especially when we visit some huge department store. Some Japanese read comics in a restroom inside a home. That’s because it is extremely comfortable to stay there even for long minutes. You won’t believe that toilet makes people want to stay longer, but if you once enter the following restrooms, you will see.

    1. Oto-hime (Sound Princess)

    We, especially Japanese girls, used to flush the toilet right after we started to use it just because we wanted to drown out the sound we possibly made while we are in a restroom. Since most of us girls were doing that, wasteful water spending started to be considered as a serious issue for Japan.
    Then, otohime was born!

    Maybe most of you don’t care about the sound as much as Japanese do, still, you can try touching the sensor and make the flush sound come out!

    2. Comfortable toilet seat

    Japanese toilet makes you stay longer reading comics, papers, or texting your friends. Even cats want to stay there. This is because the toilet seat warms you up in winter! You don’t need to feel cold and afraid. Rest assured that you will feel cozy sitting on this toilet seat.

    3. Auto-opening-and-closing toilet cover

    You also don’t need to touch the toilet cover before/after using it. When you come closer to the toilet seat, it opens by itself, and vice versa.

    4. Chair with belt for babies

    Even if you have a baby or a toddler, you should go to the restroom when you want to. You can let them sit on this baby chair with a strong belt to strap them.

    What do you feel about these toilet technologies? Some of them may sound weird for foreign people, but aren’t they better to have than nothing? If you have a chance to visit Japan, try some of them. But don’t start to read comics in a public restroom!