Check Out the Anime Spin-off of Finally Fantasy XV for Free!

  • There will be an anime spinoff to draw attention to the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game which is set to be released on the 30th of September 2016. The anime series entitled Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will have a total of 5 episodes, and what is more amazing is that the episodes are free to watch! Perhaps to atone for making fans wait 10 years for the release of the Final Fantasy XV game, Square Enix is being incredibly generous by letting us watch free anime series this time.


    The anime series is produced by the Japanese animation studio A-1 Pictures, which previously worked on anime series such as Sword Art Online and Black Butler. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is not the first anime series based on video game made by A-1 Pictures, as the studio had previously produced anime series adapted from video games such as Valkyria Chronicles and Persona.

    Synopsis and Episodes

    Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a prequel which revolves around the protagonist Noctis, so viewers get to peek into Noctis’ past and see how the friendship between him and the other 3 characters (Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto) develop. All 4 characters will be featured in the upcoming game. The story of the anime is directly related to the new game demo which has a separate story from the main Final Fantasy XV. The anime series features cheery moments such as the camaraderie of the group travelling together and eating hamburgers, and also more serious moments when the group has to fight against soldiers and monsters.

    The anime will be released on YouTube, and each episode will be around 10 minutes long. The very first episode has already been released, which you can watch here. The rest of the episodes will be released ahead of the release of the game, thus building the anticipation towards the new game! There are English subtitles so there is no need to worry about not being able to understand Japanese.

    The first episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV does not disappoint at all. From the comments on YouTube, it seems like many other fans love it. Since it is free, it would not hurt your wallet to watch, so why not watch it if you already have Internet access?

    Watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

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