Check out the World Chocolate Dessert Buffet and Fulfil Your Chocolate Dreams!

  • Even before spring season had begun, a large number of sweet treats were introduced into the market that were associated with the ever popular sakura and matcha flavors. However, that doesn’t mean that good old fashioned chocolate is completely out of the picture.

    Have you ever dreamed of indulging in as much chocolate as your tummy can handle, and where the chocolate includes a variety from all around the world? Well if not, then you may not have heard of the annual World Chocolate Dessert Buffet event, where you can do just that! Curious about what’s in store? Then please read on to find out.

    World Chocolate Dessert Buffet


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    This amazing World Chocolate Dessert Buffet is located on the first floor of The Westin Tokyo’s International Buffet Restaurant, The Terrace. The delicious chocolate buffet is only limited to weekdays and opened on April 1st. However, if you haven’t had a chance to devour chocolate to your heart’s content yet, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time as the buffet will operate up until 30th June 2016.

    Chocolate Selection


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    With a selection of more than 15 varieties of chocolate from 10 different brands from around the world, the pastry chef will select and prepare 30 items monthly to be served. Some of the chocolatey sweets to look forward to will include the Cacao and Valrhona from France, Belcolade from Belgium, Lindt from Switzerland, and Icam from Italy, as well as many more to choose from.


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    Also, this time around three different kinds of natural ganache will be used and spread over the three-month period. This is also a great opportunity for guests to enjoy different flavors every month. European chocolate can be enjoyed in its standard (solid) form or in other various sweets like parfaits, popovers, and cakes.

    The buffet is priced at 3,500 yen per person, which is exclusive of tax and service charges.

    The World Chocolate Dessert Buffet is definitely worth checking out for a good old fashioned chocolate binge. Also, as mentioned previously, the buffet is limited to weekdays and for two hours only between 3 – 5 pm. Last but not least, everything is great in moderation, including chocolate, so try (if you can resist) not be too excessive to avoid any terrible tummy aches afterwards!

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