It’s Kansai’s Turn for Adorable Character Cafes with the Kiki and Lala Cafe in Osaka!

  • Popular Sanrio characters are always one to have their own themed cafes. Especially in the country’s capital Tokyo, you’ll see one character after the other popping out in limited-time cafe collaborations. The love for good food and drinks, a cute and relaxing atmosphere, and of course the characters are what we always look forward to.

    Going a bit far from the capital, it’s Osaka’s turn to have their time for the cute themes. So which Sanrio character will be making their first cafe appearance? Well, it’s the little twin stars, Kiki and Lala!

    Who are Kiki and Lala?

    Kiki and Lala, or also known as the Little Twin Stars, are a pair of Sanrio siblings that were created in 1975. Kiki is is an energetic blue haired boy, while Lala is a timid girl with long pink hair. While both may be born on December 24, Lala is the older sister and Kiki is the younger brother. They are also sometimes depicted with brown and blonde hair.

    Kiki and Lala Cafe

    The Kiki and Lala Cafe will be the first to open in the Kansai district. The cafe will open at Shinsaibashi 161’s THE GUEST cafe&diner for a limited time from April 28th to June 12th. While this may seem to be like the other Sanrio themed cafes, visitors can expect to have a great time with the Osaka limited menu.

    Kiki and Lala Cafe Menu

    Wondering what the menu will be? There will be food, drinks and desserts but the Osaka limited menu is something to look forward so check some of the items below!

    At first glance, the dish may look like an okonomiyaki. But in reality, it’s actually pancake! The sauce is chocolate and the mayonnaise is white chocolate, with the inside of the pancake stuffed with granola and shredded coconut. The excellent presentation can really fool you into thinking it’s real okonomiyaki!

    Speaking of Osaka will surely make you think of takoyaki. And the cafe also has something which looks just like it. The petite cakes are in the shape of takoyaki with a cute and charming look. There are also Kiki and Lala cakes along with it too!

    Now aside from the food mentioned above, there will also be Osaka cafe original goods up for grabs so you can purchase a variety of items to take home!

    The cafe will be running for a month and a half so there’s still plenty of time to make a visit. If you’re a fan of the little twin stars and of cute food selections, then here’s one place you shouldn’t miss out on!

    Cafe Information on Sanrio’s Website

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