A Brief Guide on How to Purchase Games Online with No Credit Card in Japan

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  • If you’re living or traveling through Japan, you’ve probably noticed that the country is largely cash-based. Not many people use or even own credit cards. So, knowing how to pay for certain things using cash can be really helpful. This article will help share information on how you are able to pay for video games from online services such as Origin, or Steam, using cash!

    Shopping online

    When ordering your games online with Steam (and similar services), you have the option to use Konbini (convenience store) pay. This is what you have to select if you want to pay with cash and not a card. After selecting this method, the store will send you an email to confirm, and it will include a link to the payment information. Now, depending on which store you want to visit, you may be given slightly different instructions at this point. I am going to show you the most common method, which is to use the Loppi machine.

    How to use a Loppi machine

    This is a Loppi machine, you can find them in most convenience stores across Japan, and they can be used to buy lots and lots of different things! You can buy concert and sports games tickets here, pay for online purchases and much more. When paying for a game you bought online, the first step is to locate the email that the game company sent you with your payment information.

    1. Select the option to ‘Input a number’

    When you have the necessary information ready, everything is pretty simple! First, you need to select the option to ‘Input a number’, it looks like this (above). This will allow you to type in the order number you have in your email.

    2. Type in the numbers from confirmation email

    When you’ve clicked that button, it will take you to the next screen (see above). Here, you need to type in the long number from your email. Be careful when filling this out as the machines are all touch screen, and sometimes it might not pick up your finger pressing the numbers! If you get this wrong, you might end up paying for something else altogether! When you’ve typed in your number, press next.

    Now you have to type in the other, shorter number you have for your game, again being very careful. When you have done that, press next again.

    3. Confirmation

    This screen is a confirmation screen with the details of your order. Make sure that all the details are correct – including the price! Then when you’re happy, click the green circle to confirm. The machine will then print out a long receipt for you. You need to take this to the cash register to pay. The staff will scan the receipt and you just need to hand over your money! Don’t rush off just yet, though, the staff needs to give you a confirmation receipt as proof that you have paid. You’ll need this if anything goes wrong or doesn’t work properly.

    All in all, that’s it! So simple, and so easy! And now, you can enjoy playing your new games without ever having to touch a credit or debit card.

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