Check out Japan’s Latest Tongue-in-Cheek Fun-Loving Drama on Netflix!

  • Since Netflix launched in Japan last year, it has been going from strength to strength. With a huge selection of anime’s as well as international series and movies; and now – original programming straight from Japan! One of their newest shows is a tongue-in-cheek, fun-loving drama – ‘Good Morning Call’.

    The Storyline


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    ‘Good Morning Call’ is the latest show on the Netflix Japan roster, and follows the story of a high school girl, Nao Yoshikawa, who finds herself living with the coolest boy in school, Hisashi Uehara! She is a goofy yet lovely girl who’s considered simply middle in her class; and he is a cool, maybe ‘too cool’ pretty boy who won’t give any of the girls the time of day. They really do not appear to be a well-made match!

    What is it Based On?

    The series is actually based on a popular shojo manga series (Shojo means it is aimed at young girls; sho – small, jo – girl). It was published in the ‘Ribon’ magazine for 4 years and was later published in volumes by Shueshida, with 11 being published altogether.

    What to Expect

    The series is full of laughter and farcical situations, as we follow Nao in her everyday life. She has two best friends at high school, with whom she talks about everything. Her best friend Marina is madly in love with Hisashi (the cool roommate!), as is every other girl in school – except for Nao! That’s why it’s even more of a disaster when they end up living together which happens because of a rental incident where the landlady had offered both, Nao and Hisashi same rental agreement for the same apartment, which they had both signed. So, they decide to live together to split the rental costs. However, they know they have to keep their living arrangement a secret! How will they cope? You’ll have to watch it to find out more as there are no spoilers here!

    ‘Good Morning Call’ is available on Netflix and even comes with English subtitles so everyone can enjoy it!

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