Want to Try Out Some Genghis Khan? Head to Sapporo Beer Garden for a Taste of This Dish!

  • When people think of Genghis Khan, they don’t usually think of Japan. But, did you know that he has a popular dish named after him? It’s available in certain places across Japan and Asia but is best enjoyed in the snowy island of Hokkaido, in Northern Japan.

    Genghis Khan to Jingisukan

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    Jingisukan is a delicious and filling dish made up of grilled mutton and vegetables. The dish is rumoured to have gotten its name because mutton meat was the preferred dish of the Mongolian Soldiers in prewar Japan. The meat is traditionally cooked on a concave metal dome, which is supposed to represent the Mongolian soldiers’ helmets – which they were rumoured to cook their food on!

    Sapporo Beer Gardens

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    If you want to try a really delicious meal of Jingisukan, I recommend checking out the Sapporo Beer Gardens. They have a huge restaurant that serves both fresh, and frozen mutton for you to enjoy. They, of course, have an all you can eat option, just like the regular yakiniku places you’ll find in Japan. The menu even has instructions on the best ways to cook your meat.

    If you get the fresh meat, you should place your vegetables around the bottom of the cooking dome, and the meat on the top. But, if you’re enjoying the frozen meat, you should spread the vegetables out all over the dome, and then place the meat on top. Personally, frozen was my favourite because the juices and flavours of the meat really seep into the vegetables and make them extra tasty!

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    The beer garden also offers all you can drink beer to go with your tasty warrior’s meal. Of course, the beer they serve is Sapporo, but there are actually a few different varieties for you to try – including limited time flavours. I visited in February, and they were running a Valentine’s campaign and I had the chance to try their chocolate beer! A bit of a strange combination, but very fun and interesting to try!

    If you’re in Sapporo, you definitely need to try this delicious meal!

    If you’re taking the train, take the Toho Subway Line, get off at “Higashikuyakusho Mae” and walk 10 min.
    When going by bus, take the Chuo Bus Factory Line (Kan 88) and get off at Sapporo Beer Garden, about a 1-minute walk from there.

    Sapporo Beer Garden Website

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