Top Food Picks Not to Miss at Tsukiji Fish Market Before They Relocate!

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  • There are a number of popular tourist spots to visit in the land of the rising sun. And if you’re travelling to Tokyo, you might have heard of popular places such as Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya for fashion spots or you may know of the big ourist attractions like Tokyo Sky Tree, Sensouji, Ueno Park and a whole lot more.

    Another popular place to visit in Tokyo is the Tsukiji Fish Market for its fresh seafood and the hustle and bustle in the morning. But with so many shops offering a variety of food selections, surely one wouldn’t know where to start off without a little help. So here’s a little list of what food you can start off with on your Tsukiji food hunt!


    Kujira is the Japanese word for whale and in Tsukiji, Kujira no Tomisui is known for selling Kujira dishes. Here you can try out their bestseller Kujira Katsu and Fried Kujira or you can even try Kujira sashimi.


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    There are 4 rolled omelette shops in Tsukiji but the one I’ll introduce here is Yamachou Matsue. They serve a variety of rolled omelettes with different fillings like crab, shrimp, anago (saltwater eel) and many more. Yamachou Matsue is also quite popular as it has been introduced on TV a couple of times before.


    Unagi, or freshwater eel, is a delicious fish but is actually quite expensive. Luckily in Tsukiji, there are eel skewers sold for ¥200 each which is a good deal if the larger portions don’t fit the budget!

    Uni Hotate

    A number of shops serve uni hotate by grilling the scallops then topping it off with sea urchin. Prices vary from shop to shop but this is definitely a dish you’ll want to try!

    Those are the 4 recommendations I have for those who would like to enjoy their food hunt in Tsukiji. If you haven’t heard the news yet, though, the Fish Market will be moving to Toyosu in November. You still have a few months before they move so make sure to try these food picks out soon!

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