Is This Masked J-Pop Idol Group Your Kawaii Dream or Worst Nightmare?

  • There are so many idol groups in Japan that it becomes nearly impossible to become the next big thing that people will forever remember. In order to stand out from the rest, groups need to have a gimmick. One of these groups has actually found a jaw-dropping solution by hiding behind masks. The group is called Kamen Joshi which literally means “Masked Girls” and members actually wear masks during performances.

    All About the Group

    Kamen Joshi started out in 2013 and struggled to survive at the beginning. The group consists of 18 members which have been divided into separate groups: Alice Juban, Steam Girls, and Armor Girls. They are all managed by a company known as Alice Project. Each of these groups perform in different styles with their very own distinct sounds and images. Their performances are done in Akihabara at the official Alice Project Theater in the Pasela Building.

    The Alice Juban group is all about metal and rap sections while the Steam Girls group focuses on electronic and dance music and the Armor Girls group on Irish and Celtic Folk Music. They also perform across Japan and other Asian countries.

    Auditioning for an idol group in Japan is a big competition. Potential idols have to have the total package of cuteness and coolness which is quite hard to come by. In relation to this context, the idol group Kamen Joshi is actually made up of girls who failed in their major idol auditions. As a result, they formed one group and wore masks in order to hide their faces. It all started as a promotional gimmick but has since evolved over time. So instead of using cuteness in performances, the idol group rocks it hard by entertaining their guests from the bottom of their hearts.

    One of the girls’ popular singles is Genkidane which sold around 130,000 copies. It was the number one single on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart of January 2015.

    If you want to watch a live performance from these Masked Girls, you can go to Akihabara in Tokyo. Some of their performances are uniquely done with props, head-banging, and diving into audiences which will make for quite an exciting stage performance! What are you waiting for?

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