4 Board Games That Take You Straight To Japan!

  • Sadly, not everyone can make the journey all the way to Japan, but never fear! There are a number of tabletop games you can buy that will instantly make you feel like you are there. From cute sushi card games to Edo Period artistic games – there really is something for everyone!


    Tokaido is a beautiful game. You play the role of a traveler who is taking the ancient road from Tokyo to Kyoto. This was the biggest and most important road for anyone wanting to travel between the two cities during the Edo period. During each turn players move their marker along the road and take part in different activities; painting, collecting gold, make friends, go shopping, and eat food. Each of these actions will give you points towards victory, and at the end of the game the person who has had the best cultural experience is the winner!

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    Sushi Go!

    Sushi Go! is an incredibly cute card game that you can start and finish in just 15 minutes. Players collect cards featuring super cute pictures of sushi and other Japan-themed foods. Each type of food offers different points and the player who has most points at the end of the game wins! This is a game that is easy to play, and it will definitely leave you craving a visit to a sushi restaurant!

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    Takenoko in Japanese means bamboo shoot, and they are very important in this game! You take turns to create a beautiful garden, and feed a panda! There are three ways to score points; you can lay down tiles to create a beautiful garden to impress the emperor, you can grow bamboo to please the gardener, or you can eat as much bamboo as possible to satiate the cute little panda. As usual, the player with the most points at the end is the winner!

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    Tanto Cuore

    This is possibly one of the weirder games out there nowadays – but it is still super fun. This is a deck building game where you play the part of a master of a big house who needs to hire lots of maids to work for you. All the maids have different abilities, and ultimately you want to lock them in your chamber to gain points. This sounds a little creepy, I know, but trust me, it is lots of fun to play with your friends, and you’ll feel like you’re taking part in an anime with the amazing artwork on the cards!

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    What are you waiting for? Get your Japanese board game today and start playing while learning more about this fascinating country!

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