Heard of these Japanese Rock Stars who are Preachers by Day Hard Rockers by Night?

  • The importance of religion is basically subjective in nature as it differs from one point-of-view to another. In Japan, most elderly are committed to following certain traditional religious principles while the younger generations tend to be more relaxed. So, in order to communicate with these younger people, a Lutheran Pastor, Kazuhiro Sekino took the chance of using secular rock music in the hope of reaching out to more people. As a result, the band “Boxi Rocks” was born which also includes three other pastors.

    Who is Kazuhiro Sekino?

    Reverend Kazuhiro Sekino is a 36-year-old pastor in charge of the Lutheran Tokyo Church. He often spends his daily life preaching inside the church in a gentle voice as religious hymns are played in the background. This is how his usual morning goes.

    However, things take a turn in the evening as he spreads the Word in a different way. Together with other pastors, he dons his black leather jacket and crowd-surfs while preaching and singing into a microphone to several hundred concert-goers. The pastors preach and sing only about the truth and use their band to fight for all the injustices in the world.

    What is Boxi Rocks?

    Boxi Rocks is the name of the band founded by Kazuhiro Sekino. It is a heavy rock band which began in 2013. Since then their concerts have drawn crowds of several hundreds of people – as mentioned previously. Obviously, the band doesn’t play ordinary hard rock music, but it is secular music where it’s down-to-earth, and they use the same language as everyone else. Although, the band is made up of pastors, like everyone else, they have feelings of pain and hurt they’re trying to express too and therefore, they can relate to the people in their crowd.

    There are occasions where the band also joins forces with Yoshinobu Fujioka, a Buddhist monk who also strongly believes in channeling spiritual courage through music.

    Boxi Rocks has changed the face of the stereotype that has previously been placed on people in the spiritual world. Nowadays, they are not only seen as harmonious but also, versatile and very much down-to-earth. Rock music has become a strong instrument for this band of pastors to continue reaching out to hundreds and hundreds of people for many years to come.

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